The King Solomon seal mascot – mystical code that brings health, force, prosperity, love.
By the seal of Solomon person can feel the power of ancient knowledge and power energy changing the destiny of man according to his plans. The seal of King Solomon before it brings its holder abundance. Plenty everything, in all spheres of life, health, force, prosperity, love. The seal is a strong defender against evil, against magic and spells, It helps with depression and personal crises, brings people from embarrassment.
And this is king Shlomo’s seal: whoever bears it will be saved from any epidemic’s or evil. The mascot is taken from the prophet Samuel who wrote all the miracles, wonders and amulets of King Solomon. The writing and content of the mascot is the original writing of King Solomon. The necklace and pendant are made of sterling silver. Pendant size 1 inch x1 inch (quarter size). Necklace come in option of 16″ 18″ or 20″.
– Color: silver
– Gender: Unisex
– Material: sterling silver
– Size: 1 inch x 1 inch

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